Central-European Historical Studies – detailed informations
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Central-European Historical Studies

General characteristic of the programme

Central-European Historical Studies is the result of cooepration between universities in Ostrava, Banska Bistrica and Katowice. The 2-year MA programme is dedicated to all interested in history of central Europe. It opens a possibility to study in all three partner countries. The programme aims to give qualifications for future historians, experts in history of the region, acquainted with specifics of research in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The organisation and arrangement of the programme

The programme will be realized simultaneouslyin all three partner universities. Students will spend their semester at their home universities. It will be devoted to general introduction to history of Central Europe, historiography and methodology. Moreover, students will spend their semester on intensive courses of Czech and Slovakian. It will allow them to spend effectively their second and third semesters in Ostrava and Banska Bistrica respectively. Students will learn there about history of both countries and specifics of historical studies undertaken there. Mobility of students between partner universities will be organized through Erasmus + programme. They will spend their last semester at their home university focusing on completion of MA thesis. Their supervision will be undertaken simultaneously in all three partner universities.

The Central-European Historical Studies programme means full cooperation and mutual acceptance. Students at all three partner universities will have almost identical set of courses during the first and the fourth semesters. It will contain intensive course of Polish for students in Ostrava and Banska Bistrica. Coming to Katowice they will have an opportunity to learn about history of Poland and its state of research.

Advantages of Central-European Historical Studies programme?

The programme is dedicated first of all to graduates of BA studies in history willing to continue their historical education. It refers especially to those interested in history of the region, marginally treated in traditional university programmes in all three respective countries.. The programme should also interest students of other subjects within humanities willing to widen their professional skills. Close cooperation of scholars representing all three universities will provide a good chance to learn about not only histories of all respective countries but also their mutual relations of all sorts and specifics of borderline region.

Participants of the programme will benefit with additional knowledge and skills, based on history of all three countries, that allow them effectively look for attractive jobs and positions in the whole region. It refers to all zones and institutions dealing with mutual cultural, historical and social developments in all three countries. The fact that diplomas of alumni of the programme will be equally revered in the whole region is an additional, important advantage.

Scope of education provided by the programme

The programme mostly features courses dedicated to historical and cultural legacy of Central Europe (especially Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland). They include: history of all three countries, selected issues of economic, cultural and social developments in the region, history of research and methodology. Students will possess skills to interpret various kinds of sources and use various tools necessary for their own research.

The programme provides courses devoted to search, selection and analysis of various kinds of data; preparation of written and spoken analyses. This type of competences is strenghten by course of Polish, Czech and Slovakian respectively, that are essential part of teaching schedule.

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